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The CLEAR™ family - these revolutionary hearing aids communicate with each other instantly and constantly to give users a natural sound experience.

The CLEAR family is also available for children. Read more about Widex hearing aids for children.

WIDEX CLEAR wins award

Widex has won the ‘Best Technology’ award for the CLEAR220 hearing aid at the annual AIHHP (Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals) awards. Widex UK received two more prestigious awards at the AIHHP event. Read more about the AIHHP award on

Inpired by nature

Inspired by the fundamental characteristics of natural hearing, the WIDEX CLEAR™440 models has raised the bar in the science of excellent sound in hearing aids.

With the introduction of, the WIDEX CLEAR™ FUSION, access to that natural sound is even easier. The FUSION model provides professionals with the ultimate in flexibility.


The three different receivers, as well as the various ear-tip and custom earmould options, mean that FUSION suits most types of hearing loss, from minimal to severe-to-profound, and with an output extending up to 137 dB SPL.


The platform: C-ISP

CLEAR440 is a unique hearing aid – powerful on its own but strongest when coupled. The C-ISP communication platform in CLEAR440, with a total of three individually designed chips, makes this new power possible.

WidexLink transiverC-ISP has the capacity for continual adjustment of discrete hearing aid functions both within hearing aids and between them – what we call InterEar (IE).

The result is an unequalled balance of performance that replicates the natural hearing experience even more closely.

Our revolutionary WidexLink™ is the first wireless connection designed especially to allow both InterEar data transmission, synchronization and digital wireless transmission of audio to and between hearing aids.

For users with severe to profound hearing loss, this is the first time they can truly reap the benefits of natural sound in two hearing aids linked together.

Illustration of WidexLink

Sound perception and sound quality



  • IE TruSound Compression amplifies soft, normal speech and loud inputs and coordinates gain changes between right and left hearing aid. Thereby the natural interaural level difference (ILD) between the ears can be preserved, resulting in better localisation of sound direction for the user. 
  • IE Speech Enhancer exploits the binaural percentile information to enhance speech above the threshold and attenuate background noise below it. In this way, coupled WIDEX CLEAR™440 hearing aids attempt to single out a dominant speaker in background noise.
  • Digital Pinna: an electronic pinna characteristic that recreates the natural shadowing effect of approximately 4 dB to achieve a more natural front focus. It means the Digital Pinna helps the user in determining which direction sound is coming from. 
  • TruSound Softener is designed to handle sudden impulse sounds – such as the chinking of porcelain or the slamming of doors - with comfort and clarity. 
  • Disturbance from wind noise is a common challenge for all hearing aid users. The CLEAR440 FUSION model features a new nano-coated microphone cover that significantly reduces wind noise (up to 16 dB SPL compared to traditional hearing aids).


Freedom of choice


The WIDEX CLEAR™440 series gives the user freedom to choose from a vast variety of features:

  • IE Feedback Cancelling: a multidirectional adaptive feedback cancelling system that minimises whistling. In CLEAR440 the new InterEar (IE) data exchange is incorporated, coordinating information on feedback occurrence between both ears. 
  • The Phone+ feature processes and transmits phone signals from one hearing aid to the other without delay. This means that for the first time, users can hear mobile and landline phone calls in real time directly in both hearing aids without the use of extra devices.
  • Enhanced bandwidth: CLEAR440 supports the widest bandwidth currently available in a hearing aid, including an enhanced low frequency bandwidth (down to 70Hz) for the full enjoyment of music.
  • FreeFocus in CLEAR440 allows users to hear in selected directions – without them needing to turn their heads.
  • Definable volume control: CLEAR440 offers a choice between 1, 1.5 and 2 dB steps.
  • IE Zen: Our popular Zen dedicated relaxation and tone program has been enhanced with InterEar. some instruments in one ear, different instruments in the other.
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