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WIDEX DREAM™ is a family of exceptional hearing aids from Widex. There are many excellent reasons to recommend the DREAM hearing aids to your clients. Read more about the benefits of DREAM below.

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Full sound in - richer sound out

Users wearing WIDEX DREAM™ hearing aids will enjoy rich and detailed sound quality even in high intensity environments such as concerts, parties or sport events.

WIDEX DREAM features new True-Input Technology that dramatically widens the input range (up to 113 dB SPL) and maintains the fidelity of all sounds entering the hearing aid. This gives a larger, usable sound picture, with no input handling artifacts, allowing for an almost true-to-life listening experience.

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Impressive speech intelligibility 

From a crowded restaurant to a noisy concert, DREAM™ hearing aids let users enjoy uncompromised speech understanding.

Read our blog post about Kevin and how DREAM enables him to hear more sounds and words.

The increased maximum input level in DREAM of 113 dB SPL means that input sound up to this limit can enter the hearing aid undistorted, leaving the speech signal untouched. This provides the best starting point for full potential processing – and for speech understanding even in noisy situations.

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MY.WIDEX.COM - connect with your clients

All DREAM hearing aid users have access to their own smart site, called MY.WIDEX.COM – a free, easy and personal site that can help users get more out of their hearing aids.

Learn more about MY.WIDEX.COM - get in touch with your local Widex distributor by clicking below.




DREAM gives users around 20 percent more battery life, even when streaming. 

In fact, a recent comparison test of high-end hearing aids shows that our DREAM hearing aid has the longest battery life when streaming. And the Widex DREAM FUSION model scored highest while using a TV-DEX assistive listening device to stream television.

For users, less battery drain means less time used changing batteries and more time getting the most out of DREAM. Read the article on Audiology Online.

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New BTE hearing aid model in the DREAM family

The WIDEX DREAM™ family of hearing aid has just got even better.  The new DREAM™ FASHION model gives you the chance to offer users the absolute latest in Behind-the-ear technology and design.

The DREAM™ FASHION is a small, flexible and powerful BTE hearing aid. And the slim design makes it ideal for hearing aid users looking for something more powerful but smaller. In fact, FASHION is more than 20 percent smaller than a conventional BTE.

Learn more about FASHION - get in touch with your local Widex distributor by clicking below.




DEX™ listening devices 

The DEX™ assistive listening
devices are designed for wireless
communication between hearing
aids and external audio sources
such as television, radio and
mobile phones.



DREAM – all performance levels

DREAM is available in four performance levels, from DREAM440 to DREAM110. 

  • DREAM440 – premium performance:
    DREAM440 is our premium hearing aid model with high performance for all listening situations - for the hearing aid user that demands the best.

    DREAM440 is the best choice even in the most complex listening situations like attending a dinner party, enjoying the company of friends and when going shopping. DREAM440 offers the ability to maintain focus on speech understanding in noise, even when the competing noise is speech whilst at the same time controlling unexpected sounds.

    With True-Input Technology, in combination with the ultimate 15 channel analysis and processing of sound, HD locator and TrueSound Softener, DREAM440 is our premium product offering true-to-life sound. 


    DREAM440 listening situations

    DREAM hearing aid - listening situations: One-to-one
    One-to-one; theatre, lecture and church; phone; outdoors
    Very detailed speech 
    Advanced feedback cancelling removes whistling
    Better hearing for high-frequency sounds (AE)

    DREAM hearing aid - listening situations: Parties and social events
    Parties and social events; small-group meetings; shopping and public areas:
    Both hearing aids communicate with each other
    Allows you to hear speech from any direction (SE) 
    Helps you focus and understand the voice in front of you (DP)

    DREAM hearing aid - listening situations: Traffic and Noise
    Traffic and noise:
    Loud sounds can be heard without distortion
    Unwanted sounds are not made louder
    Sounds that are too loud are prevented from entering the ear

    DREAM hearing aid - listening situations: TV
    TV, phone and music: 
    Special programs or DEX accessories make it easy to use your hearing aid 
    Hear the phone in both ears 
    Hear speech coming from behind

COMPASS GPS is a completely new version of Widex fitting software. Read more and try the new COMPASS GPS tutorials.
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