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Introduction and overview for professionals
DREAM FASHION Introduction brochure (new!)
DREAM Dispenser brochure incl. FASHION (updated)
DREAM product/feature overview incl. FASHION (updated)
End user flyers
DREAM End User flyer - lifestyle, incl. the new FASHION (updated) 
DREAM End user fyer – testimonial
DREAM End user flyer – MY.WIDEX.COM 

End user manuals

User manual, Instant ear-tips for Widex BTE hearing aids (incl. the new FASHION)
User manual, Custom ear-tips and earmoulds for Widex BTE hearing aids (incl. the new FASHION).

Data sheets

Datasheet DREAM FASHION (New!)
Datasheet DREAM FUSION - HP-Receiver (D-FS HP)
Datasheet DREAM FUSION - M-Receiver (D-FS M) 
Datasheet DREAM FUSION - P-Receiver (D-FS P)
Datasheet DREAM FUSION - S-Receiver (D-FS S)
Datasheet DREAM m-CB (D-m-cb) 
Datasheet DREAM 9 (D-9)
Datasheet DREAM Passion - S-receiver (D-PA S)
Datasheet DREAM Passion - M-receiver (D-PA M)
Datasheet DREAM XP (D-XP)
Datasheet DREAM CIC (D-CIC)

User instructions

User instruction DREAM FASHION (D-FA) New!
User instruction DREAM FUSION (D-FS)
User instruction DREAM Passion (D-PA)
User instruction DREAM m-cb (D-m-cb)
User instruction DREAM 9 (D-9)
User instruction DREAM XP (D-XP)
User instruction DREAM CIC / CIC TR (D-CIC / D-CIC TR)
User instruction RC-DEX 
User instruction TV-DEX 
User instruction USB Link


Article on The Hearing Review:
The article explains the benefits of the new A/D converter for the sound quality of the DREAM hearing aid, and describes a number of real-life situations where the A/D converter makes an audible difference.

Designing Hearing Aid Technology to Support Benefits in Demanding Situations, Part 1
Designing Hearing Aid Technology to Support Benefits in Demanding Situations, Part 2

Article on Audiology Online:
The article reports a series of measurements which show that the real-life battery consumption of state-of-the art commercially available wireless hearing aids is not accurately reflected in the standardized measurements reported on the manufacturers’ datasheets.
Battery Consumption in Wireless Hearing Aid Products – Datasheet vs. Real-World Performance.
It´s now a whole lot easier to order Widex products thanks to the Widex eShop.

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COMPASS GPS is a completely new version of Widex fitting software. Read more and try the new COMPASS GPS tutorials.
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