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Widex hearing aids for children

As a leading hearing aid manufacturer, Widex is committed to finding the best solutions for children with hearing loss, no matter whether they are babies or teenagers.

The Widex paediatric portfolio provides hearing aids for all children with varying degrees of hearing loss and right across the board. The Widex for Children portfolio:

  • covers all age groups and varying degrees of hearing loss
  • offers a wide selection of designs, colours, and sizes to suit all
  • is available in all price segments
  • is carefully selected to offer the best in proven Widex technology

CLEAR family - our popular premium wireless solution is now also available for children. Clear speech, reduced wind noise, easier access to TV and mobiles and – most importantly – clear and natural sound.

mind family -  proven Widex technology for better language comprehension, unsurpassed sound quality in any environment.

WIDEX BABY440 - tiny hearing aid, designed specifically for babies.


The complete Widex for Children package

Our paediatric solutions also encompass a complete package to make it easier and quicker for you to find the best hearing aid for children:

ChildFit: An accurate and fast fitting tool
DEX listening devices: For TV, mobile and music
SCOLA FM: Advanced FM systems
A range of accessories for children and babies

Further questions?

If you need more information on hearing aids for children or general assistance we are happy to help.


It´s now a whole lot easier to order Widex products thanks to the Widex eShop.

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