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The Widex REALTM series is the first hearing aid in the basic segment based on the well known ISP technology platform. Widex REAL makes ISP available at all levels of the Widex hearing aids range.

The Widex REAL™ series is aimed at clients who expect ease of use and quality sound. With Widex REAL they get the optimum combination of core audiological benefits – with a focus on the most important user needs: speech intelligibility and listening comfort.

The benefits of REAL:

  • Micro size m, the most discreet and smallest BTE in this Widex segment
  • ISP in three channels
  • Attractive package of core Widex technology features:
    • EDRC, with a very low compression kneepoint, makes audibility of soft sounds possible. The three compressors in Widex REAL also ensure comfort in loud sounds
    • Locator, which adjusts microphone sensitivity to improve the overall signal-to-noise ratio
    • Widex Classic noise reduction and the Feedback Canceller
  • Extremely fast and easy fitting