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Widex remote controls

Widex offers several different remote controls.
All Widex remote controls are intuitive to operate, and hearing aid operation can be carried out discreetly from a pocket or handbag. 
The choice of remote control depends on the hearing aid. 

DEX™ Devices
Compatible with: the DREAM™ family / the SUPER™ family / the CLEAR™ family.

 Widex M-DEX can also be used as an advanced hearing aid remote control M-DEX
Advanced remote control options
Volume control / program shift
FreeFocus / Room Off
 RC-DEX - discrete and intutive to use
Hearing aid remote control with LED (range 1 m)
Volume control / Program toggle

RC3 and RC4

The discreet, convenient and flexible RC4 and RC3 remote controls allow for easy operation of the hearing aid.
Widex remote controls RC3 and RC4

The RC4 and RC3 remote controls have large keys and are simple and intuitive to operate.

Both come in a basic and a fully featured version:

   RC4-II  RC4-I RC3-II RC3-I 
 Performance Fully featured   Basic Fully featured  Basic 
 Compatible with

 BABY440 PA-440
mind family
MENU family

 BABY440 PA-440
mind family
MENU family
 Inteo AIKIA
 Program selection

Up to 5

Up to 3

Up to 5

Up to 3



 Monaural/ binaural


 Volume adjustment      
 Adjustable time -out      
 Alarm function           
 Program key      
 Simultaneous  adjustment
 with binaural fittings
 Simultaneous or separate   adjustment  with binaural  fittings      
 Zen+ SmartToggle*        

Download RC brochures.
Download brochures for M-DEX.

* In selected hearing aid models only

Further questions?

If you need more information on Remote Controls or general assistance we are happy to help.