Individual shells and earmoulds to perfectly fit the user's ear canal

What is CAMISHA?
CAMISHA is a sophisticated method of manufacturing individual hearing aid shells, earmoulds and ear-pieces.

CAMISHA stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing of Individual Shells for Hearing Aids. It uses laser technology to make an impression of the hearing aid user’s ear canal and turns this data into a 3D computer model. This is then used as a basis for the manufacturing of individual shells and earmoulds that fit the user’s ear canal exactly. 
Facts about CAMISHA
  • Hearing aid shells fit precisely from the start
  • Shells can be smaller and discreet
  • Precision allows for better comfort
  • A closer fit ensures more amplification and less feedback
  • An impression of the user’s ear only needs to be taken once
  • Smoother finish and higher shell quality
  • Easy to clean surface
CAMISHA - the process step by step
  1. An accurate silicone impression of the ear is taken
  2. This is scanned into a computer program
  3. The information is converted into a three-dimensional image
  4. An earmould is then modelled so it fits precisely in the ear canal
  5. This data is transferred to the manufacturing unit
  6. A powerful laser is used to build the shell or earmould layer by layer. Each layer is only 0.1mm thick.
CAMISHA is award winning technology
Widex won the prestigious European Inventor Award 2012 for the CAMISHA technology. Widex came top of a strong field of 15 finalists. The award was announced June, 2012, by the European Patent Office (EPO).

Presenting the award to Widex, EPO President Benoît Battistelli said, “Jan Tøpholm, Søren Westermann and Svend Vitting Andersen [the inventors] not only revolutionized the hearing aid industry with their invention, they also show how Widex is a lighthouse example of a small family-owned business becoming an internationally successful company by pursuing a well-defined innovation and patent strategy.”

CNN International also had a segment on the CAMISHA technology. The program, Quest Means Business, aired Thursday 8th November, 2012.