Study shows Widex UNIQUE a “clear improvement” over other hearing aids

A new Canadian-based clinical trial shows that users prefer Widex UNIQUE hearing aids to their previous models in almost all listening environments.

In 2015, 54 hearing aid users participated in a Widex Patient Experience Program (PEP) to learn how their Widex UNIQUE hearing aids differed from their current hearing aids. Users with all types of hearing loss were surveyed from across the country to see how UNIQUE compared to both competitor hearing aids and other Widex brands.

Positive Results
The results were clear: in almost all categories UNIQUE was perceived as better than other hearing aids. 
“Results indicated a clear improvement in satisfaction questionnaire ratings with (new UNIQUE hearing aids) over (previous hearing aids). . . for every measured condition but one, subjective ratings of hearing aid satisfaction were significantly improved with UNIQUE 440 hearing aids, relative to subjects’ current hearing aids.”
To gather data, patients were asked to complete a satisfaction survey based on their current hearing aids. Then, after trying Widex UNIQUE for one month, users were given that same survey to complete about their new hearing aids.

Results were especially positive in six key areas:
  • Overall Sound Quality
  • Richness and Fidelity of Sounds
  • Ability to Hear Soft Sounds
  • Use in Noisy Backgrounds
  • In a Restaurant
  • Walking or Running Outdoors 
Overall, Widex UNIQUE was perceived by users as being better than their current hearing aid regardless of the brand.
The full study can be found here.
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