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Let us uncover your needs and explore how our products and solutions can help your business, how you improve your marketing plan, do successful after-sales, host open houses and much more.

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Getting started can sometimes seem overwhelming. Widex can help you navigate through the many opportunities and determine the best methods and strategies for your practice, all within your budget. We also offer a variety of point of sale items for your office.

As a Widex dispenser you can expect hearing aids with industry leading natural sound and a very high end-user acceptance rate, easy and flexible fitting, the lowest return rate in the industry, quick and reliable service and ongoing hands-on training from top qualified audiologists and technicians.
WAS2017 took place on May 3-5 2017 in Denmark. Get the latest news from the inspiring summit here!
In september 2018, Widex had the pleasure of hosting four audiologists from China for the Widex Audiology Excellence Program.
Selection of helpful insights on how to improve your business.
Brush up on your skills with our online learning resources.
Widex solutions cater for all types of hearing loss. Working together with us, you can find exactly the right solution for your clients.
 It´s now a whole lot easier to order Widex products thanks to Widex ESHOP. The easy to use web-shop allows dispensers to place orders at any time of the day, from any location. 
With our range of DEX communication accessories, Widex can now offer your clients full connectivity solutions that are hands-free, easy to use and sound superb.

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