How can you reach your patients – and those who have yet to come to your office? Give them something to listen to.
Podcasts are an increasingly valuable tool for the small business owner. Cheaper than radio spots and easier to produce, podcasts offer you a way to speak candidly to your customers and provide them with content they can use and enjoy. But what is a podcast, and how can you get started?

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What is a podcast?
A podcast is a series of audio files for download. Some podcasts, like the famous Serial, are like television shows without the visuals. Others, like TED Talks Daily, are more like news radio shows. As a hearing care professional, you can create a podcast that is tailor-made for your local listeners. 
Do I need a lot of equipment to create a podcast?
Podcasts can be created with any budget. Start small. All you need is headphones, a microphone, and a computer. Here’s a handy guide on how to create a podcast.
What do I have to talk about?
You are your community’s expert on all things audiological. Talk about what you know.

Here are four episode ideas:
  • Lend me your ears: Are you an audiology geek? Pick one topic that you find especially interesting and tell your patients about it.

  • Hear from the heart: Invite one of your patients to tell his/her story about hearing loss and how hearing aids helped in his/her daily life.

  • Hearing tips and tricks: Share tips and tricks on how to hear better in difficult listening situations. Make sure to remind people that the first step toward better hearing is a hearing examination at your office.

  • The art of listening: Don’t just talk about hearing loss, talk about the beauty of sound. Share your favorite music or sounds – and invite other local community leaders to do the same.
How can I use this as a sales tool?
Podcasts are only useful if people listen to them. Here are a few tips on how to transform your podcast into a marketing tool.
  • Give out free stuff: It’s no secret that people love to get something for free. Use your podcast for special offers like free hearing tests, hearing aid trials, discounts and accessories.

  • Share the good stories: Point out how you help people get more out of life with new hearing aids. Tell your customers’ stories and encourage them to do the same.

  • Promote your podcast: Create signage for your office to promote your podcast. Even better: use an episode as a sample when you are showing patients how to stream sound from their phone to their hearing aids.
For inspiration, check out these audiology podcasts:
The Attainable Podcast Network – Five audiology-focused shows give insight into the lives of audiologists as both business owners and medical professionals.

Twenty Thousand Hertz – Hear stories about the world’s most recognizable and exciting sounds with this fun series.

Audiology Talk – Two audiologists created this monthly podcast for news, information, and education on hearing loss and the world of sound.

Conversations in Tinnitus – The American Tinnitus Association created an online webinar series that focuses on current issues, research and treatment methods for people living with tinnitus.

Looking for inspiration on what to talk about on your next podcast? Check out the Widex Blog.

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