You might think that press releases are dead, or that they’re just not worth the effort. Think again. Press releases can be a huge asset to your practice, whether you’re running a 5-man or a 50-man business. And whether you’d like to target the national or the local media.
Here’s why.

Press releases help generate traffic to your site

You’ll be sending your press release to different media. But you’ll also be publishing the press release on your site. So when you do, think about optimising the press release for search engines (Search Engine Optimisation/SEO), and include keywords that you want to be associated with and that your target audience searches for online.

They give you exposure

No matter which media you choose for your press release, let’s hope someone will pick it up! And when they do, your business will be reaching audiences you may not have thought would ever hear about you. A press release helps drive interest; people might just keep you in the back of their minds so you pop up when they start thinking about hearing aids. Or maybe your press release will get them thinking about getting one!

They help your branding

A press release helps you control how your audience perceives you. So make sure to stay on-brand and write a press release that’s worthy of your brand. If you haven’t yet thought about how to brand your business  – maybe that’s where you should start?

You can create more content from your press release

Writing a press release isn’t necessarily easy or something you can get done fast (or for free!). But the great thing is that when you do have some relevant news to share, you can rework the press release to create any kind of content you want! SoMe? Infographics? Blog posts? Brochures? The world’s your oyster!

So right about now it sounds like a really good idea to issue a press release, right?

It probably is! Just remember that press releases should be reserved for times when you have something newsworthy, relevant and interesting to share. And always remember to make it about your audience, not about you.

This means you shouldn’t issue a press release when:

  • You’ve updated your software
  • You’re changing lunch services
  • You’re selling a hearing aid in a new colour
  • You’re exceptionally closed next week
  • You had an awesome company picnic.

But you should issue a press release when:

  • You’re making a sizable donation to or partnering with a charity
  • You’re partnering or merging with another company
  • You’ve developed an amazing new product
  • You’re now selling a groundbreaking new product or service
  • You’re having an extraordinary customer event.

Basically, anything that will provide some sort of (newsworthy) value to the audience you’re talking to is a good reason to write that press release!

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