In september 2018, Widex had the pleasure of hosting four audiologists from China who joined us at headquarters for the Widex Audiology Excellence Program (WAEP).
“In Denmark there’s strong wind all day… but there isn’t much noise [with the Wind Noise Reduction Manager].”

Cherry is one of four audiologists from Hui'er Hearing who travelled all the way to windy Denmark as part of the Widex Audiology Excellence Program (WAEP) last month. Together with Dora, Larphy and Lorraine, Cherry learned about Widex products, services and counselling excellence, among other things.  

The WAEP is a training course for hearing care professionals. The program is designed to build a strong audiological, technical and customer-centric platform for counselling patients.

It takes place over six weeks:
  • Two weeks are spent at the Widex headquarters in Denmark
  • The next four weeks are dedicated to a field experience. 

This time, the WAEP aimed to build an even stronger platform for improving hearing care treatments in China. During their stay, the four audiologists strengthened their technical product and fitting expertise while getting immersed in the Widex brand, positioning and fitting philosophy.

They were also introduced to value-based counselling techniques and Widex signatures such as CAMISHA, Sensogram and apps. As such, the now well-trained audiologists will become future trainers of the trainers within Hui’er, a hearing care chain that has hundreds of shops across China.

After their stay in Denmark, the small group travelled on to Canada to get audiological field experience with the help of two Canadian Widex customers.